The Inverclyde Shed Community Gardens

The Inverclyde Shed operates two community gardens, The Shore Street Community Garden in Gourock and The Muirshiel Lane Community Garden in Port Glasgow.

Inverclyde Shed Community Garden

Feel calm and relaxed

Studies show that all plants provide mental health benefits. Constantly seeing and being around plants help us feel calmer and more relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety. Nurturing and caring for our plants can also reduce stress levels and boost our mood.

Engagement in community gardening has also been found to influence self-esteem, community gardening may have an association with other resilience factors closely linked with self-esteem, such as optimism.

The activities that we get involved with at our gardens are:

No Dig Gardening

No Dig Gardening is an innovative, sustainable, and organic gardening method.

Permaculture Practices

Permaculture practices are sustainable gardening methods promoting biodiversity and balance.


Composting is an eco-friendly process transforming organic waste into nutrients.

Fruit Orchard Care

Regular pruning, watering, and pest control ensure a healthy fruit orchard.

Polytunnel Growing

Polytunnel growing enables year-round cultivation, shielding crops from adverse weather.

Soft fruit growing

Learn how proper soil, sunlight, watering, and pruning promote healthy soft fruit growth.


Propagation helps plants multiply, ensuring diversity and sustainability in gardens.

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance involves pruning, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and monitoring pests.

All Year Vegetable Growing

All year vegetable growing ensures fresh produce regardless of seasons.

Volunteer groups meet for weekly sessions, contact the Inverclyde Shed via this form, to find out about the latest timetables, which changes with the seasons.

Inverclyde Shed Community Garden in Summer