We are indebted to the many people who have donated in so many ways to the Inverclyde Shed to help us grow.


We currently have a range of manual tools and hand power tools in the shed, all of them are available to members following a skills induction to ensure safe use. Many of our tools have been donated by members, private individuals and local businesses when they have become surplus to requirements. We refurbish many tools in-house, our Shedders appreciate challenges so if you have items that require repair.

If you have surplus tools or perhaps tools that haven’t been used in a while, speak to us about uplifting them for you for free.


We also appreciate donations of clean un-used materials or high quality materials for ‘up-cycling.’ Get in touch with us to discuss details, we can uplift from your location for a reasonable cost.

Our storage space is limited but materials that we are particularly keen on includes:

  • Driftwood

  • Railway Sleepers

  • Clean dry unpainted timber off-cuts / graded structural timber

  • Whisky barrels / half barrels / staves

  • Floor boards

  • Solid wood doors

  • Sheet materials (minimum 1m2) – plastics, MDF, plywood and chipboard



We often need space to assemble projects, if you have space available, perhaps a lockup, garage, large garden or part of a business premises and would like to assist one of our larger projects, then get in touch with us. We are always delighted to hear from skilled craftsmen and local businesses that are able to donate some of their time, expertise and access to their specialist skills and tools to assist shedders on our larger projects. Again, if you think you can help us with your time and skills, then get in touch