The Inverclyde Shed Electronics Club

Do you have any interest in computers, electronics, learning to programme? You have an idea for an electronics gadget that does something that the current home gadgets don’t/can’t do?

Electronics Club Inverclyde Shed

Pythons, Pi & Picos

Why not come along to the Electronics group on a Wednesday night at the Inverclyde Shed.

No experience is required, and we have a number of Raspberry Pi single board computers and Pico microcontrollers which are a great way to pull together the world of computer programming and electronics. If you have a project in mind, that’s even better – a goal to work towards is always a great incentive.

Our primary choice of programming language is Python on the Raspberry Pis and Micropython on the Raspberry Picos but we’re happy to help with any programming language that fits the requirement.

Using these platforms, we can control motors, read and act on sensors and generally interact with the analogue world from the digital one.
So if you want to experience the agony of frustration when your program doesn’t do what you think it should, the sensors aren’t sensing what you think they should, the stepper motors don’t step and the absolute joy when it all comes together and your new gadget does exactly what you want it to do, come along on a Wednesday.

As most programmers run on coffee, we’re very well served by the Inverclyde Shed Kitchen open to all members so a coffee and a chat are always on the menu.

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