The Inverclyde Shed Spoon Carving Group

This is an informal group that meets on Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm. We would love to see you.

Pure joy of creating

We supply knives, protective gear (gloves and aprons) and wood for carving. Some tuition is available for new carvers to get you started if you’re new to carving.

Our ethos is that it’s all about the journey and that the end product is an added bonus. We enjoy the therapy of working with wood and becoming engrossed in its physicality and reaction to the sharp edges.

There is also just the pure joy of creating something useful and natural straight from a tree using the bare minimum of tools; an axe and a couple of knives as well as the pleasure of just enjoying a cuppa and a chat with others.

Our lovely kitchen facilities are there for all of our members too, please help yourself to tea, coffee and biscuits. Feel free to bring your own food which can be heated in the microwave if needed.

If you have any questions please contact Liz Ness via email on [email protected]

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