The Inverclyde Shed Woodworking Sessions

The Inverclyde Shed opens Monday to Friday between 10am and noon for open woodworking sessions.

Inverclyde Shed Woodworking

Community Woodworking Sessions

The woodworking group at Inverclyde Shed is a  community of skilled artisans and novices, all united by a shared enthusiasm for woodworking. This group offers an inviting and inclusive atmosphere where individuals can engage in their personal projects. It cultivates a sense of community and mutual respect among its members. Moreover, it acts as a conduit for sharing knowledge and honing skills, enabling members to master new woodworking methods and acquire invaluable life skills. The therapeutic benefits of woodworking activities also promote overall wellbeing, alleviating stress and bolstering self-confidence. The woodworking group is more than a workspace; it’s a nexus for camaraderie, friendship, and personal growth.

The Inverclyde Shed woodworking group operates due to the tireless efforts of dedicated volunteers. These selfless individuals ensure the smooth functioning of the Shed, facilitating skill-sharing sessions, maintaining equipment, and creating an environment conducive to learning, sharing, and personal growth. Their contribution is invaluable in keeping the spirit of woodworking alive and accessible for all members of this thriving community.

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